Shared offices in the heart of the city.

The Barcelona coworking at Hub&In offers you a nice and modern environment. We have all the latests technologies and we offer you everything you need in a single place. Located at Barcelona city center you can have a shared office where you can grow your business with an amazing one-of-a-kind environment.

Coworking is a working method that allows professionals from different areas to share the same working space. Each one of the coworkers develops their professional project independently, but by sharing the workspace, the exchange of ideas, the collaboration between the different users of the coworking space and the development of joint projects are encouraged.

This way of working has been growing in the last few years. Coworking offers a lot of advantages for professionals of all kinds of areas. It allows to decrease the office renting expenses along with regular expenses such as Internet, electricity, water, etc. It also gives the opportunity to meet different persons that have your same interests and, eventually, can become future partners. Usually, coworking spaces have everything needed for a correct development of regular work activities: proper furniture, internet connection, printing and copy machines, reception and secretary assistant, meeting rooms fully equipped, telephone lines, common areas, and a kitchen with basics such as snacks, water, coffee and tea. Professionals that rent coworking spaces have the advantage to be able to forget everything office related and only focus on their work. The people in charge of the center are the ones that take care of everything needed and make sure that the space is working perfectly.

Another advantage you can get when joining a coworking space is flexibility. You can rent a space full-time or part-time or even per hours. Otra ventaja de los centros de coworking es la flexibilidad que ofrecen a sus clientes. Existe la posibilidad de alquilar el espacio para jornada completa o para media jornada e incluso por horas. The contract conditions are also quite flexible, offering long or short-term options or renewing the rent month by month. Most of coworking spaces also organize events, celebrations and all kinds of workshops. This can give you the perfect opportunity to get out of the routine, to interact with the rest of the coworkers, to increase your network of contacts without leaving the office and to learn something new. According to different studies, Spain is the third country in the world that offers coworking opportunities. Between the spanish cities, Barcelona is the one with the biggest amount of coworking spaces.

Do you want to find out more about coworking spaces in Barcelona?

The Hub&in Business Center in Barcelona offers you a list of the best spaces in the city:

At Hub&In we know that each project needs their space to grow.
Sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller. Sometimes for a fixed period of time and other times it takes longer…
At Hub&In you will find plenty of different options ready to adjust to your needs and business profile. We can even make one specially for you.

coworking barcelona 2


Coworking in Barcelona Regus

Regus company offers working spaces for different budgets and needs. Their coworking spaces are of varied range and fit all pockets. They have offices in various cities in Spain and they are expanding their network into different countries.

Coworking Regus

Cloud Coworking

Its a big coworking space located at an attic in the heart of Barcelona, close to Sagrada Familia. They offer their clients access to the rooftop with a view to the temple and a lounge area. They offer flexibility and a wide range of services. You can access it during the whole day through finger print check-in.

Cloud Coworking

Coworking in Barcelona Gran de Gracia

Its a centric coworking space that joins two different places (Coworking Barcelona and Coworking Gracia) and a meeting room. Both spaces have different design, lightning and furniture materials and quality. They also offer different price ranges and a great amount of services like extra hours even when the center is closed.

coworking_barcelona-gran de gracia

Coworking in Barcelona Meet BCN

Meet BCN is a designer coworking space located in the center of Barcelona. Besides their spaces they also offer virtual office services, meeting rooms and training rooms. They have different sizes and capacity in all of their rooms.

Coworking Meet BCN

Coworking Spain

CoworkingSpain its an online platform that showcases coworking spaces in different cities in Spain and also has a section with news regarding coworking trough CoworkingSpain Magazine. They are the official organizers of all the spanish coworking meetings and conferences.

Coworking Spain

Comunidad Coworking in Barcelona

Comunidad Coworking is a coworking platform that offer professionals a great amount of coworking and shared spaces in various spanish cities. Its really easy to compare all the different coworking spaces and choose the one that fit you needs.

Comunidad Coworking

Pipoca Coworking in Barcelona

Pipoca Coworking is located in the center of Barcelona. It’s a bright and quiet space with shared working offices, meeting rooms, private offices, rooftop, lounge areas and a backyard.

Pipoca Coworking

021 Coworking in Barcelona

021 Coworking is a coworking space located in Poblenou really close to the beach. They offer tranquility, open rooftop to chill or park your bikes, meeting rooms, lockers and high speed internet.

021 Coworking BARCELONA

Coworking Gracia Work Center

Coworking Gracia Work Center

Gracia Work Center was created in 2007, which turns it into one of the oldest centers in Barcelona. Its a modern space that allows coworkers to access it 24/7 and they offer plenty of extra services such as courses, consultant services, trainings and company videos.

Grec Coworking in Barcelona

The Grec coworking center is located at an industrial ship of over 1000m2 in Poble­Sec. Its a huge space that hosts over 100 coworkers and also has meeting rooms, training rooms, common areas, event rooms, a photography room and a massage room.

Grec Coworking

Coworking Barcelona Space&Co

Coworking Barcelona Space&Co its a 700m2 space that offers a coworking area and also private offices and a meeting room. They offer the possibility to rent extra furniture in case of need.

Coworking Barcelona Space&Co

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