Welcome to a different way of working

Let’s Hub&in!

A work philosophy that is different, young and dynamic. In a word: efficient.
In a pleasant, modern environment, with the latest in information technology.
The perfect way to work: everything you need for your business, whatever type of work you do. Offices, consultancy, financial services, marketing and IT services, secretarial service, virtual office – or simply a meeting room.
Bring your business to Hub&in and we’ll grow with you.
Enter a modern, fully equipped space where your projects can be realized in total freedom.
Welcome to a new way of working. 

Our Team

FABI3-1 copia

Stella y Fabiana

General Directors

Management, professionalism and always seeking the best for our Hubbers!


Gianella Belloni

General management and transactions

Personalized experience in foreign affairs, Spanish authorities and immigration agencies.



Agency and Legal Advice

The caretaker of all the legal, financial and administrative advice of our companies.



Personal Branding – Image Consultant

Responsible for making necessary improvements for you or your company profile!

¿ Why Hub&In ?

Skilled Professionals
Refined and Modern
Personalized Attention
Guaranteed Satisfaction

Who our services are aimed at

One solution for each business

Our work philosophy caters to a wide range of professional clients. It is a philosophy that means we can continuously adapt to suit your needs, whatever they are, and allows us to offer a complete range of products and services according to your profile.